Friday, May 17, 2013

Papa Bill

We lost Papa Bill March 12, 2013.  We drove down to be there for the funeral.  If I could have told my 11 year old self that I would grow to love him so much I would have told my 32 year old self that I was crazy.  I am grateful to have had a Papa to be there as I grew and started my own family.

It was really nice to see everyone and we had a little get together and played some "games".  Games for our family really means, "make an idiot of yourself and laugh at each other!"  We do this for fun, and you can only participate if you don't take yourself too seriously.  Papa witnessed a lot of silliness from our family over the years:)

February 2013

Lila had her first ice fishing experience with Dad and the Young Men.  As you can see, she had a great time.  Ella is too cute for her own good!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ranch rodeo!

Crea, Ramzy, Ryan, and RJ took fourth in the ranch rodeo in hurricane this year! Laura had her brand new baby there and it's always fun to spend time with everyone. It was cold but the kids loved it, and the guys had a pretty good time too!


While being cute is always a good thing, I have discovered that it is vital for 2 year olds to be cute so we don't give them away when they discover how to:

Open doors- but the only door she seems interested in is the bathroom and once she is in all kinds of fun begins!

Use pump bottles- conditioner and hand soap make a wonderful combination when mixed!

Remove lids- but the best lid is the pump bottle full of baby wash! And dumping it on moms bedroom floor is the only thing to do!

Make a stool out if anything- She will reach and destroy no matter how high I put it!

Enjoy the Toilets!- while indoor plumbing is wonderful- a toddler with your toothbrush is not! And while dipping things in the water is fun- actually learning to sit and go potty is not!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Christmas 2012

We have survived a plague! Well maybe not that bad but everyone in the Norton family was sick this Christmas season. We still had a wonderful time together! In between the coughing, we were able to play games and celebrate our savior's birth! I do want it on record that I defeated Chace in our biggest nerd competition (Harry Potter Trivia)!

Thanks Kyle and Tiff

Since we go to Arizona for Christmas we opened our gift from Kyle and Tiff early! The girls were so excited about the popcorn popper, and the awesome blanket that we took this picture of them with some of the gifts to send to K & T!

Aunt Gary and Uncle Julie

Gary and Julie came spent the night here on their way to spend Christmas with Jason and Jared! Abby was completely captivated with "Aunt Gary". They spent the evening pulling change out of each other's ears and I don't think Abs has ever been so taken with someone. They came back on their way home a few weeks later and we had a great time again- except Abby was tired and fell asleep early. I just love them!

So I made each of the girls a skirt...

Hali was bawling because she wanted the polka dots and Abby told me that her skirt was ugly and she didn't want it. Luckily Ella can't talk enough to tell me she hates hers and my Lila is to sweet to tell me:)

Here are Abby and Ella -